What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Make the world a better place, one small kind act at a time.

Get challenged by daily acts of kindness ideas. Connect with kind and loving people. Read inspirational stories from around the world.
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Partners and Mentions

Perform daily acts and make kindness the norm

Build a Kindness Habit
Get challenged by our daily acts of kindness ideas, or do your own. Keep track of your good deeds with stories and pictures. Share with others and inspire goodwill. Earn coins, level up, and have fun!
Connect with Kind People
Foster a community of kind and loving people around the world. Communicate with users and get inspired by friends. Celebrate during the good times. Comfort during the bad ones.
Read Inspirational Stories
Get motivated by news and stories of kindness from across the globe. Share inspiring stories with friends and family. Stay up to date with the latest ideas, acts, news, friends, followers, comments.


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Kindness Tracking

Do an act of kindness now or later. Use our suggested ideas, or do your own. Keep track of all your good deeds, personalized with pictures and stories. Earn coins, level up, and have fun.

Kindness Sharing

Share ideas and acts of kindness with others. Share inspiring news and stories with friends and family. View user moods and connect with empathy. Stay informed with new ideas and the latest news.

Idea Categories

Be in control. By choosing the category and type in your profile, you can customize the ideas that are suggested to you.

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Safety Features

Block trolls and spammers. Built-in content blocking. Age verification at signup. Send feedback, suggest ideas, and contact support within app.

Mobile Features

Works on iOS and Android. Login using Facebook, Apple, Google or email address.

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Community Building

Connect with users from around the world. Invite your friends and make new ones. Communicate using in-app messaging and comments. Get act, friend, and following feeds.


Create and join groups to help spread kindness. Use group announcements to notify your members.

Ready to make the world a kinder place?

Effortlessly form a habit of being kind, with hundreds of simple ideas. Foster a community of kind and loving people. Get inspired by acts of kindness from around the world.